What A Show! OMG What A Show!

We, Dyanne & Howard, are here to update our friends after our fabulous adventure in Cleveland, Ohio, where we were the guests of Ken and Pam Kish, at their amazing “Cinema Wasteland Show”. The Q & A session followed the showing of two of our films, and it was a blast. We gave out photo pins, and after, everyone came back to our booth for a fun face to face.

A special shout-out to “Shock-Jock” producers, James Bialkowski and Jake Windatt.  They surprisrd us with a fabulous backdrop for Dyanne’s birthday…thanks to all of you who remembered “ILSA” with fun cards and thoughtful gifts. Thanks to “The Clay Guy”, Barry Crawford, for the new Ilsa Doll, that he designed and gave to us. She’s a winner. Check her out !!

After all these years, thank you all for being loyal fans and coming to see us again. Your notes on our website are a pleasure to answer.  We look forward to our next show.  We’ll keep you posted, and we promise: YOU VILL ENJOY IT  !!!!

P.S. Congrats to the couples we married at the show. Happily ever after. . U 2 VILL ENJOY-YAH!