Dyanne Thorne Bio

Dyanne Thorne was active as a band vocalist and New York stage actress. She was also popular as a comedic sketch artist/talking foil. Comedy albums with Allen & Rossi, Vaughn Meader and Loman & Barkley, earned her appearances on many T.V. variety shows, such as “The Tonight Show”, “Red Skelton”, “Steve Allen”, “Merv Griffin”, and with Tim Conway at Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas.

Filmed in New York City, Ms. Thorne’s first major film role was in Norman Chaitin’s “Encounter”, which was also an early screen credit for Robert De Niro. Moving to Hollywood to appear on T.V.s “Star Trek”, and star as yet another villainess in Crown International’s “Point of Terror”, opened the door to several more movie roles.

In 1975, Dyanne married composer, conductor, musician and actor, Howard Maurer. Note: ( not to be confused with Howard Maurer of “The 3 Stooges” fame). She and her husband Howard have teamed as actors in five films, so far. Thorne/Maurer have co-produced and starred in several Las Vegas Strip
showroom productions. Their careers have taken them around the world.

As an actress, Dyanne Thorne is best known for her characterization of the heinous international dominatrix, solder of fortune, “The infamous Ilsa”, i.e.: “She Wolf”; “Oil Sheiks”; “Wicked Warden”; and “The Tigress of Siberia”.

As marriage officiants, (both are CHURCH ordained, non-denominational ministers) Dyanne and Howard created “A Scenic Outdoor Wedding” as an alternative to commercial chapel weddings. Couples world-wide come to Las Vegas to be married by “Ilsa”.