Sitges Film Festival 2018


Dyanne Thorne & Howard Maurer will be guests of the SITGES FILM FESTIVAL in Spain from October 10th thru October 14th. We will be presenting a screening of THE TIGRESS OF SIBERIA on October 11th and doing a Q&A afterward.

We would love to see as many of our Europe-based fans as possible. If you can make it, please stop and say Hi.

Dyanne & Howard

What A Show! OMG What A Show!

We, Dyanne & Howard, are here to update our friends after our fabulous adventure in Cleveland, Ohio, where we were the guests of Ken and Pam Kish, at their amazing “Cinema Wasteland Show”. The Q & A session followed the showing of two of our films, and it was a blast. We gave out photo pins, and after, everyone came back to our booth for a fun face to face.

A special shout-out to “Shock-Jock” producers, James Bialkowski and Jake Windatt.  They surprisrd us with a fabulous backdrop for Dyanne’s birthday…thanks to all of you who remembered “ILSA” with fun cards and thoughtful gifts. Thanks to “The Clay Guy”, Barry Crawford, for the new Ilsa Doll, that he designed and gave to us. She’s a winner. Check her out !!

After all these years, thank you all for being loyal fans and coming to see us again. Your notes on our website are a pleasure to answer.  We look forward to our next show.  We’ll keep you posted, and we promise: YOU VILL ENJOY IT  !!!!

P.S. Congrats to the couples we married at the show. Happily ever after. . U 2 VILL ENJOY-YAH!

Point of Terror to screen at Cinema Wasteland

Dyanne’s film POINT OF TERROR will screen at the fall 2017 Cinema Wasteland convention. A Q&A with Dyanne and Howard will follow.

Point of Terror is a 1971 American psycho thriller directed by actor Alex Nicol (The Screaming Skull; The Night God Screamed; A*P*E) from a screenplay by Tony Crechales and Ernest A. Charles, based on a story by Chris Marconi and producer and star Peter Carpenter.

Rampant fashion violations, loud musical numbers, obscene checkered furniture, violent dream sequences, ratty wigs, equal opportunity nudity, saturated primary color lighting years before Suspiria, and reams of purple, sex-obsessed dialogue will keep even the most seasoned trash fanatic giddy with disbelief.” Mondo Digital

Main cast:
Peter Carpenter (Blood Mania), Dyanne Thorne (Blood Sabbath; Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS; House of the Witchdoctor), Lory Hansen, Leslie Simms, Joel Marston, Paula Mitchell, Dana Diamond, Al Dunlap, Ernest A. Charles, Roberta Robson, Tony Kent.

Read more at Horrorpedia

The John Dunning Ilsa Trilogy Collection

We are offering you a unique opportunity to purchase Dyanne Thorne movie posters from the true Ilsa Trilogy. These are original posters, not reproductions, and have never been displayed in theaters. All posters and lobby cards are from the personal collection of Cinepix co-founder John Dunning. A member of the Canadian Film and Television Hall of Fame, Mr. Dunning produced over 50 films, including David Cronenberg’s classics SHIVERS and RABID, and 1980’s slashers MY BLOODY VALENTINE & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. On a recent trip to Canada, Dyanne and Howard met up with John Dunning’s son Greg where they autographed the collection. There is no Ilsa poster or lobby card more authentic available anywhere and these are the only ones in existence. These posters are now being made available for the first and only time to the public. All purchases will ship to you direct from Greg Dunning in Canada. Own a piece of cinema history: to shop in our online store, click here.

HCF Interview with Howard & Dyanne

October 31st 2011, the British website Horror Cult Films ( published an exclusive interview with Dyanne and Howard. The interview, conducted by ‘Bat’, is reprinted below in its entirety:

HCF Interview with Dyanne Thorne

I read that you have worked on stage for a large part of your life, performing mostly in comedy. Do you still perform and what type of things are/were included in your shows?

DT: I performed up until two years ago. Now Howard and I appear at the film shows. If anyone reading this interview has a show in their area, they’re welcome to tell the producer that we’re available. We had not wanted to do film shows before but we started doing them two or three years ago and we’re really enjoying it. We’ve appeared in and out of the country – North, South, East, West – and it’s been wonderful to meet fans such as yourself. It really is heartwarming. As for going back on the stage, I’ve not had a big interest to do that. You’re absolutely right, the largest part of my performing life was in comedy. We produced many of our own shows. I’ve worked on a lot shows on stage as well as on Broadway in New York and Las Vegas. I came to Las Vegas for one week to replace someone else and they kept me for 11 months. They then hired me for three more shows. After that, I did a show that lasted 7 years followed by a show produced by my husband Howard and I. Following our own show, we were in another that lasted several years. It’s so amazing and humbling that people are enamored by low budget films that I did, that lasted for a minute and 100 years later they still have an interest. It’s just really amazing to me. Most of my life was spent working in comedy so I guess you could say working in films has been a fun contrast.


North by Northwest


I often get asked, “Did you appear in NORTH BY NORTHWEST?”

Yes, I did have a days work on Hitchcock’s NORTH BY NORTHWEST. It was a first day before the camera, I had one scene with Cary Grant in Grand Central Station.  No rehearsals.  As an innocent young girl, I was already in awe of Cary Grant’s charisma power. The scene was brief – I walked across the station floor, and when I stopped on my mark, Carry Grant approached me. His cologne was overpowering! My lines never left my mouth, I fainted. As I opened my eyes, Mr. Grant was standing over me – I got dizzy again – and I was replaced!

Mr. Hitchcock did sign his mystery magazine for me, his humor made it all Okay.

Be well and happy ,
All Good To Our Fans  -Dyanne