The Cain Mutiny


LA newspaper announcement from 1974 for Howard’s musical group The Cain Mutiny, performing at the Americana Hotel in Culver City.


Howard’s musical group, The Cain Mutiny, 1974



Happy Birthday HoTo


While we’re all¬†familiar with Howard through his roles in the Ilsa films, he’s also an accomplished songwriter. Here is Howard, accompanied by Dyanne, performing “Happy Birthday HoTo”. ¬†Howard wrote and recorded this song for Howard Thompson, a friend who at the time was head of A&R for Electra Records.



Cinema Wasteland October 2012


Here are some photos from the October 2012 Cinema Wasteland show.

Ilsa clay statue by artist Barry Crawford. Dyanne and Howard with fans Mike Natarelli (of Last Detail Tattoo Studio) & wife Cari. The Serial Killers 25th anniversary reunion, note the Ilsa image on the guitar (artwork by Mike Natarelli).